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Selling #1 [keita, hiroshi, jrock, posters, various others shinies]

I found things I do not want anymore after cleaning out my room. I need more money considering I’m going out of the country in a few days. Therefore, I have to get rid of these items as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in an item, please comment in this format:

It’ll make it easier for me to read. You can also email me at foolishphantasy[@]gmail.com if you feel uncomfortable commenting.

If there is any other questions, please do not be afraid to ask :D. All prices are listed or best offered.

Keita Tachibana
Original Japanese version of Keita Tachibana’s to you Photobook (comes with poster and postcards): $30

Regular Edition of Keita Tachibana’s Koe (comes with album slip and a Keita Tachibana guitar pick): $15
Buy them together for $45
(Both are in excellent conditions. Keita CD played only once and that was to upload it on my computer)

Tamaki Hiroshi
[On Hold]Original Japanese version of Tamaki Hiroshi’s Color Photobook: $12

Limited Edition of Emotion (Comes with slip and two Limited Edition postcards of Tamaki Hiroshi): $8
(CD only played once)

Matsumoto Jun
[On Hold]I’m in love with my Younger Sister photobook: $20
(In excellent condition)

[On Hold] Jrock Cure featuring Kisaki (November 2007, Volume 50): $3
(Flipped through once. In excellent condition)

Anime/Manga-Related items:
Rumbling Hearts (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien) Volume 1: $10
(Never been opened)

Ouran High School Host Club Card Holder (Haruhi): $5
(Never been opened. Came from Japan. Great for cosplay)

Ouran High School Host Club Small Cleaner (for cellphone screen) Cellphone Chain (Tamaki): $3
(Never been opened.)

Path of the Assassin (Volume 10): $5
Oh my Goddess (Volume 8): $5
MPD Psycho (Volume 4): $5
W Juliet (Volumes 1, 2, 3 including the box): $20 with box or without box $15
(Conditions: All in great conditions. W Juliet pages are yellowing a bit, however, it is still readable and in great condition.)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Red medium length wig (comes with Styrofoam head): $7
(I really want to get rid of it. It was for a cosplay but ended up looking bad on me because of my headshape. It has never been worn except for the one time to see what it looked like on my head.)

Gackt Returner Poster: $5
(Hung up once with sticky tag. Has a few wrinkles however still in good condition)

[Pending] Miyavi NeoVisualizm Poster: $5
(Hung up once with sticky tag. In good condition)

If you want any more pictures, I’ll be happy to provide them for you. Just email me with any questions at foolishphantasy[@]gmail.com. Thanks for looking :D. For payment/shipping/rules questions, please visit here.
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